Sustainable Water Planning & Engineering
Our mission is to develop a long-term working relationship with each client by providing sound engineering
and planning advice, responding quickly to clients needs, and focusing on customer satisfaction.
Water Resource Solutions
We partner with communities to deliver planning and solutions that enrich the lives, land, and economy of Georgians.
Controlling Costs
SWP&E is sensitive to budgeting issues that many Georgia communities are confronting on a daily basis.
Commitment To Quality
We believe that focusing on quality is key. And constantly strive to deliver exceptional service to our customers.
Helping Communities
We work with communities to evaluate and address the water sustainability issues that they are currently facing.
SWP&E Likes To
Deliver Solutions

SWP&E approaches all of our clients, colleagues, and projects with the same energetic and optimistic attitude, allowing us to objectively address each problem and develop the most sustainable solution. We can provide traditional planning, consulting, and engineering services. SWP&E staff can also act in a staff augmentation role supporting our clients on a temporary or part-time basis. We can customize a solution to meet your needs and budgets.

Similarly, water providers, businesses, farmers, and homeowners have made structural and behavioral changes to conserve water. These reductions in demand have also reduced the revenues that water providers need to maintain assets and infrastructure. SWP&E can work with communities to evaluate and address the sustainability of their rates.

Working With Regulatory Agencies

SWP&E has strong relationships with Georgia regulators and has first-hand knowledge of requirements in the Metro Water District plans and Regional Water Plans. We can assist with local, state, and federal permitting…

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Sustainable Water Planning & Engineering is committed to promoting sustainable water practices that will help allow Georgians to continue to enjoy the benefits of clean and safe water.

Expansion, development, and population growth in Georgia, puts considerable stress on water supply and waste disposal procedures. This overall growth can also impose significant environmental costs, and limit the opportunity to optimize water conservation through recycling and reuse.


We work with local, county, and state governments to identify least-cost solutions through tailored cost curves, assess barriers and payback times, and produce practical implementation plans.

We also work with utilities to assist their operations along the entire value chain of water, waste, and wastewater by optimizing elements such as network and pump station maintenance, pump energy efficiency, sludge treatment, waste asset configuration, aeration control, and support functions.


SWP&E has the engineering tools and knowledge to provide solutions for effective management of water infrastructure systems such as treatment plants, water distribution networks, and sewerage systems.

We take pride in overcoming the challenges of implementing immediate sustainable solutions – and solutions for the future.